My 2011 races

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My tentative raceplan for 2011 (4 triathlons, 2 runs, 1 bike event, 1 swim event): 29⁄5 Sjælsø rundt – 125km bike (result: 4h 22m 35s) 13/6 KVIK Tri Team pinse stævne – 300m swim, 19.5km bike, 4km run 1⁄7 Aarhus 4:18:4 – 400m swim, 18km bike, 4km run 6⁄7 Adecco Strandpark løbet – 10k run 12/8 Copenhagen 4:18:4 – 400m swim, 18km bike, 4km run 21⁄8 Hillerød Triathlon – 1000m swim, 76km bike, 20km run – Season goal 28/8 Christiansborg Rundt – 2k open water swim in the canal 31⁄12 Änglamark Nytårsløb – ½marathon perhaps.

Listings definition for the Scala programming language

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I’ve tried to find a listings style definition for scala to use in my LaTeX report. I found a couple of links: / The last (two) link(s) includes a downloadable .sty to include in your LaTeX environment. I had some trouble actually downloading the file so I mirrored it here:

Biomolecular computers and programming

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I have recently handed in a report as a part of my masters/candidate in Computer Science at University of Copenhagen – _“Visualizing blobs and computation in a biomolecular computation model“._ It sounds very fancy and I would like to introduce the subject and my report here in hopefully a less dry way than in the report it self. (This post will be in a “anecdotal” style and will not contain citations for all the facts.

Reading up on “Dynamic Graph Layout”

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I’ve recently been reading up on Dynamic Graph Layout specifically with regards to “preserve the mental map” or “maintaining dynamic stability”. It looks like I’ve gotten all the way around the currently published articles with this list: [Angelini et~al., 2008] Patrizio Angelini, Pier~Francesco Cortese, Giuseppe~Di Battista, and Maurizio Patrignani. Topolo% gical morphing of planar graphs.. In Ioannis~G. Tollis and Maurizio Patrignani, editors, Graph Drawing, volume 5417 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 145–156.

Eclipse setup

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Image from WikipediaI work with eclipse all day, so I’ve spent some time messing around with plugins. Lots and lots of plugins. The plugins I’ve current stablized on is: Maven2 plugin: (update-site: PMD for static analysis of java code: (update-site: ) Findbugs for static analysis of java bytecode (update-site: Checkstyle for doing code the Right Way™. (update-site: EclEmma for junit codecoverage (update-site: http://update.